Things you need to know before you go to a business trip

1/ Give yourself time: even though you know how long the journey to the airport will take by a taxi, a train or by a bus, always make sure there is a time for potential traffic jam, technical issues, puncture, or maybe your taxi driver cannot find the pickup place.

On your way to the airport you may find out you did not take your passport or maybe you are heading to the wrong airport. In situations like these it is priceless to have an extra hour time.

2/ Packing smart: You don’t want to carry a giant suitcase with you to the business trip, especially if you go only for a couple of days. Make a list of essentials you need to take with you such as clothing for meetings and electronic devices. Pack everything you need in a smart way and rethink if you really need all those things. Take clothing which will require the same style of accessories so you don’t need to take a whole collection of jewellery or shoes in four colours.

3/ Make a list of important things: things to put on the list are passport, credit card, flight ticket, laptop (if you need one), phone, chargers and materials for your business meetings or work. Check everything from the list carefully just before you leave and avoid getting into trouble later.

4/ Internet access: nowadays internet is essential for our business communication. You will probably want to check your email once you land and connect to the rest of the world. Think about your internet options before you go and you will avoid being frustrated and stressed later while staying in a foreign country.

5/ Stay healthy: during your trip you will be tempted to make unhealthy choices in terms of your nutrition and exercise. However, try to fit as much healthy food into your daily menu as you can and go for a morning run if you are used to having regular exercise. Take emergency medicine with you in case you wake up with a fever the next day after you arrived to your destination.

Let us know about your business travel experiences and any other tips we may have left out on our list.

Martina Bellova